What are a few amenities that make a residential project luxurious?

Aug 27, 2021

As homebuyers, you are always in search of luxury that is a class apart. Coming home to our own safe space and, at the same time, a heavenly abode is what keeps us toiling throughout our lives. A home is a place to live and symbolizes a lifestyle that speaks of an individual’s identity and stature. Hence, it is very crucial to look for a home that fulfills all your heart’s desires.

A luxury home is known for its state-of-the-art amenities. It’s because of these amenities the residents enjoy the conveniences and comforts of a luxurious lifestyle. However, the amenities must be centered around the residents and offer an exceptional experience to the end-user.

The Delhi NCR, Real Estate market has witnessed a sea change when it comes to offering an outstanding living experience with a slew of promises of a luxurious lifestyle.


1. A good location with easy connectivity:

Where you live makes a difference. Delhi NCR is emerging as one of the most promising locations to buy a home. Gulshan offers several residential projects in Delhi NCR, offering a connected lifestyle and ease of frequenting landmarks vital to you. Residential projects in Delhi NCR emphasized cherishing a location near reputed schools, hospitals, theaters, and hospitals. The location gives you the advantage of connecting with like-minded neighbors and enhance your quality of life.


2. Greens galore and more:

Besides location, you must also keep your immediate surroundings in mind. Nothing keeps you healthy as a healthy environment with peaceful, picturesque views to wake up to and miles to walk amidst lush greens. Over the years, Gulshan has mastered the art of blending modern infrastructure with the right amount of nature. Gulshan believes in fostering the perfect environment for your wellness, and what better than a few water bodies and ample greenery with birds chirping to uplift your mood and overall health.


3. A view beyond:

Waking up to an uninterrupted view of lush greens filled with the warmest rays of the sun is all you need to get going through the day. Gulshan has been at the forefront of creating living spaces with abundant greens and sunlight for a cheerful ambiance. The definition of luxury continually changes with time, and in today’s world, the green infrastructure is one of its indispensable parts. Amidst the pandemic, people realized the importance of having a beautiful view from the balcony and unwound themselves in a peaceful environment.


4. Tiny tot area:

From oldest to youngest, everyone’s favorite place is home, and a luxury home has everything the members of a family desire. However, a child’s happiness is always the most precious feeling for a parent, and it is sometimes found in the kids’ play area. Gulshan keeps in mind the different needs and wants of all the family members and gives shape to a dedicated kids’ play area with slides, swings, merry-go-rounds, and space for other leisure activities for the kids. This also promotes new friendships and a positive environment for your kids.


5. Fitness infrastructure:

Infrastructure that focuses on your fitness is one of the must-haves of luxury, and almost every residential project in Delhi NCR promises a gym in the community. Residential projects by Gulshan promise a hi-end gym for the residents to lead a healthy lifestyle and quality living.


6. Swimming pool:

A swimming pool to date is considered to be the symbol of luxury. You must have witnessed every other real estate developer installing a swimming pool to give the project a touch of luxury. Gulshan, however, is bringing new trends in luxury with a temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool and an outdoor one in its upcoming uber-luxury wellness residential project in Delhi NCR. So, after all the daily grinding, all one needs to do is come home and indulge in a refreshing swim to rejuvenate.


7. Rooftop entertainment zones:

Entertainment zones top the list of luxury offerings in any real estate residential project. Gulshan combines state-of-the-art infrastructure with modern amenities to bring about a wide array of recreational facilities at the rooftop of their upcoming uber-luxury project. From a splendid view to the fantastic flavors of the barbeque, rooftop recreational amenities stand apart from everything else. It’s the perfect hangout place for celebrating with friends and your loved ones.

Homebuyers are intelligent decision-makers and are looking to invest in a residential asset and are on the lookout for a lucrative investment asset. In addition, homebuyers are looking forward to investing in experiences and an exceptional lifestyle that brings luxury privileges to them.


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