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Nov 27, 2019

According to the Economic Times, a total of 5.76 lakh housing units, started in or before 2013 are yet to be completed, despite the implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 Delhi and Mumbai account for 80% of this sad state of affairs.
Does this mean that the values called integrity, honesty, and quality delivery have become anathema to the industry? No!

Gulshan Homz will always ensure that you join the list of 3000+ satisfied families, not the frustrated queue! We did not wait for the arrival of RERA (we are already registered), to deliver on time
We never make empty promises as we simply walk the talk! As one of the rare promoters who can boast a 100% track-record of on-time delivery, we continue to deliver as promised, thanks to our rigorous procedures. Thus,

(I) At the pre-development stage,

– Legal ownership of land is documented
– Unambiguous right to develop and transfer property to the purchaser is ascertained
– Sound treasury management is observed by matching funds to their respective projects – till final delivery
– a legal guarantee is provided to prospective buyers as to completion of works

(II) At the implementation stage,

Our strict adherence to a Quality Management System, including our Construction Project Management component, ensures that we always deliver quality on time and within budget, though:-

1. Continuous dialogue with all stakeholders including clients, contractors, and external consultants at all stages of project implementation
2. Documented workflows to allow autonomous and efficient management
3. Quality assurance to check strict adherence to norms
4. Scheduled procurement of quality materials to ensure smooth flow of work
5. Monitoring and time management by our project-tracking team to avoid delays and tackle bottlenecks early on

All this has been made possible thanks to a magnificent team at Gulshan Homz that understands the value of time, quality and security!

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