Individual floor v/s Apartment living – which one Is better?

Nov 27, 2019

Individual Floors or Builder Floors are usually residences in old-school property style, where the whole housing is contained on one floor of a building which has usually three or four storeys. Thus, a building is mostly occupied by four or so families who live on one floor each. This style of residence will give you the feel of an independent dwelling, without costing you as much as separate villas or houses.

Apartments are, however, different from individual floors as you will find them in multi-storied buildings, where a number of families live in the same community. Depending on the project, apartments can have two, three or more residences on the same floor with ample space for everyone.

Apartments offer lots of layout options as well as numbers of rooms. They come unfurnished or otherwise with modern technological features, top-of-the-line interiors, and luxurious settings.

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