Benefits of living on the top floor

Sep 3, 2021

When you finally make the decision of buying a home, there are hundreds of things going through your head at that time. Amongst the most important things are a housing project’s location, amenities offered, floors available, accessibility, and pricing. You can take suggestions about other factors from friends and relatives but when it comes to choosing the right floor, you are left alone with your family to weigh the pros and cons. If you are thinking of going for the top floor, here are some reasons that will let you back your decision up.

• Incredible views: One of the biggest benefits of living on the top floor is the unfiltered views of the skyline and area surrounding the building. If you are someone who wants to wake up to beautiful views, you shouldn’t think twice about buying a flat on the top floor. Now when we talk about views of the picturesque landscape, you need to look for a builder that has its projects in some of the best locations around. Keeping this in mind, both Gulshan Ikebana and Gulshan Bellina, located in Noida Sector-143 and Greater Noida (West) respectively, fit the bill to the tee. Top floors in both these projects overlook the swimming pool, gymnasium, park, and other common places inside the project premises and lush greenery outside them. A win-win for top-floor apartment owners, isn’t it?

• Private & Peaceful: If you search for a peaceful escape wherever you go, flats on the top floors might be your best choice. When you are on the top floor of any high-rise apartment, you don’t have to bear with either traffic noise or voices that echo in the common passage. So it is safe to say that top floors are as close to noise-free as you can get. What you can also expect from living on a top floor is staying further away from the city life or the hustle and bustle of it. If you are averse to most things that city life stands for, a flat on the top floor is just what you need to beat the crowd and enjoy your private hood. Even if you go along well with city life, you definitely need a place to unwind and relax, what can be better than your Home Sweet Home.

• Ventilation & Lighting: The biggest issues that most homebuyers point out these days about rejecting properties are lack of lighting and inadequate ventilation. This is where a flat on the top floor is better. You can expect ample natural lighting as well as a cool breeze blowing almost through the entire day because there is nothing obstructing the wind and sunlight. Naturally lit interiors are a different sight altogether. As opposed to lower floors, top floors are exposed to more sunlight and experience better circulation. So if you want to buy yourself a home, you now know why a flat on the top floor is a safe and sound bet.

We already gave you a glimpse of two very highly-rated projects of a reputable developer in the NCR region. Gulshan Ikebana and Gulshan Bellina are two of the most sought-after residential properties in Noida and surrounding Greater Noida West. These are impeccably built 2 and 3 BHK apartments with the ability to capture your imagination. If you are looking for a top-floor apartment in these two locations, you won’t find better options than Gulshan Ikebana and Gulshan Bellina. Pay these properties a visit, before you make a decision. See if you can save yourself from the beauty on offer.

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