4 Advantages of buying luxury flats right now

Nov 27, 2019

Top advantages of buying luxury flats right now

Real estate and Gold have always been two all-time great investments which we all love to invest in for great returns. In this current market, there are few things that appreciate in value over time and one of them is Real Estate. In the past twenty years or so, the real estate market in India has soared at unbelievable rates. This led to a saturation in the market for a few years, where the property prices took a dip and returns went low.

However, now with the introduction of RERA Act & GST, the market is more stable and safe than ever. The prices of these flats are in a way at an all-time low, while the returns over the coming years are huge.

Read on to know more about all the reasons why buying luxury flats is a great idea now more than ever.

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