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Our story

Three decades of building stories

True luxury is built on legacy, this is ours.
Gulshan was built on the bedrock of good intention – starting as an establishment that built homes of superior quality without cutting any corners. Our founder, Mr. Nagpal, after building his very own first home, believed he could create genuine value for an entire clout of people around him who were unable to find reputed builders or developers who could deliver with honesty as well as expertise. This became the trigger for greatness – Mr. Nagpal followed up on his newly conceived dream, building affordable housing for the masses of utmost quality that the industry had not yet witnessed. Today, Mr. Nagpal is supported by a team that shares the same degree of commitment to perfection as him, envisioning the best for clients and delivering over and above their expectations.

Our distinct edge

Work Ethics

Honouring our deadlines and a constant focus of our customer’s expectation is a self-imposed golden standard that we live and even sleep by, even after sale

Visionary Executor

The driving force at Gulshan is its skilled and result-oriented workforce, who are stalwarts in their respective fields with multiple years of experience behind them and a common vision to deliver in front of them


We strive to stay dynamic and innovative, while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and constantly aligning every brick we lay with our larger vision

Periodic Check

We conduct regular inspections, along every step of the construction process to ensure the un-compromised compliance of all our quality standards

Safety Measures

At Gulshan, the safety of life and limb are not questionable that’s we take every possible measure to ensure the safety of everybody present on-site


Gulshan Group
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